// Marketing rewards clear focus, because clients are attracted to clarity //

Just about every client I’ve ever worked with has had the same challenge.

How to clearly articulate WHO they help, WHAT problem they’re solving and HOW to get in front of their ideal clients.

clients are attracted to clarityBasically the core CLIENT ATTRACTION STRATEGY I teach my Social Media Accelerator members

It’s not enough to have an vague idea of your ideal client who is a “woman over 40 who is stressed”.

That’s a starting point but it’s still much too generic.

The secret to powerful marketing is to SPEAK TO YOUR AUDIENCE so specifically that they think you must be reading their mind.

When people feel understood they will TRUST you, and BELIEVE that you can solve their problem (or move them towards their goals).

So get super clear on EXACTLY who you help, WHERE they are (in the situation you help them get out of) and HOW you move them to the next step.


And remember, clients are attracted to clarity.