Let’s talk about your marketing vibe andΒ  🌟TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY 🌟 πŸ”₯
So often clients come to me because they’re stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated. They’re working hard on their marketing but the steady stream of clients (and income) they dream of – and deserve – isn’t materialising. 😞
It is usually comes down to one of three things…
πŸ’₯1. Mindset – you can be subconsciously operating from a place of victim consciousness or lack mentality, where you feel you’re not in control of the results you’re getting. You feel down or anxious at the lack of clients and money coming in, and wonder if there’s something wrong with your marketing, posts, pricing, offers, or you!
πŸ’₯2. Strategy – do you have the right marketing strategy for YOU? Or are you trying to use someone else’s proven, tried and tested strategy that works for them, but is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for you!?
πŸ’₯3. Energy – do you feel excited and energised by the work you do and the way you show up online? Or do you doubt yourself, shy away from fully showing up, and hope people will still find you?
Can you relate to any of them?
marketing vibeThe good news is, often all you need to line up a steady stream of new clients is a few tweaks. When you have that AHA breakthrough moment, everything falls into place. Like my client Frances, who recently picked up 3 new clients after one session together. πŸ”₯
The clients and opportunities suddenly appear (two of my clients said “clients are coming out of the woodwork! πŸ₯³). The truth is the clients were always there, but you weren’t attracting them because your marketing vibe was off. πŸ’«
🀩 Once things click into place, you can streamline your marketing because you know what to focus on, how to show up as your authentic self, AND you feel confident and empowered doing so!
That’s why I’m excited to share a new 1-2-1 offer where we’ll address these three areas and FINE TUNE YOUR MARKETING VIBE! πŸ’₯
If interested message me xoxo