CASE STUDY – How a new Social Media Accelerator member landed a new high end client, doubled her rates and transformed her business. And that’s just the beginning!

The Scenario

Alison had been following me for a while and wondering whether she needed my program because she was already studying for a Digital Marketing qualification. However, learning the strategies, and being able to successfully apply them to your business, are two quite different things!

The Solution

Alison joined the Social Media Accelerator (my group mentoring program that takes you from “Who are you?” to “How can we work together?”)  and got stuck in straight away.

The Breakthrough

On the first call Alison had a big AHA moment and a breakthrough that helped her get clarity on the services she was offering (and stop procrastinating)

Not content with that, after one of our weekly mentoring calls, and a training session the Client Attraction CODE (ads) program, Alison landed a new high end client and doubled her prices!

Outcomes (so far!) 

  • Landed a new high end client
  • Doubled her rates
  • Added a new service
  • Marketing with renewed confidence
  • Uplevelled her mindset  – and upgraded her office!

And a new BONUS of being part of the program is the Mindset and Energy Alignment calls (we’ve had 2 expert speakers so far and now have a Mindset/Energy expert who runs a monthly masterclass, and is available for support in the Facebook group).

Alison was sceptical at first but has gone on to uplevel her business and even transform her office (because she’s worth it – and how you treat yourself is a sign of how you value yourself – and how your clients will value you!).

Next Steps

What would this level of confidence and support mean for you, and your business? New clients? Double your prices? Providing new services to your clients?

That’s the beauty of the Social Media Accelerator. You’re supported in growing your business in the best way for you (no one-size fits all marketing here). As an experienced Social and Digital Marketer, and Mentor, I help you find the profit roadmap that works for you, so you can get results like these too. You’ll shortcut a lot of the frustrations and learning curve by working with someone who walks the walk and can show you what is working in Social Media TODAY

Check out the Social Media Accelerator or Get in touch if you’d like to chat about whether this is right for you.