Are you taking advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting to reach your ideal audience? Now you can Target Your Audience on Facebook and Instagram using Facebook’s new Custom Audience options.

You can now target your audience based on the following criteria (NEW targeting options highlighted below):


Your subscribers (PLUS there is a direct link to Mailchimp so you don’t have to export and upload lists any more)

LinkedIn connections


Target people who visited your website OR specific web pages in the past 365 days


ENGAGEMENT (here’s where the new and exciting targeting comes in!)



You can now target people who:

  • Engage on your Facebook page
  • Engage with your Instagram Business account
  • Engage with a Facebook EVENT
  • Completed or opened a LEAD AD

What does this mean in terms of how you target Your Audience on Facebook and Instagram?

It means you can reach WARM audiences (people who already know you or have visited your website or Facebook page) and you can use remarketing to get your message in front of them in a very targeted way. This will increase your conversions and makes your ads cheaper.

If you’re not sure how to use Custom Audience and Remarketing – check out my starters guide to Facebook Ads – the Facebook Ads Bootcamp where all this and more is explained and where you’ll learn how to create a high-converting Facebook ad campaign in 5 simple steps.