Just wanted to share some of the online marketing tips which keep me sane and keep my business running smoothly.

How To Get Organised: Create A Content Calendar

Think about your marketing priorities for the next 6-8 months. Rather than constantly promoting everything (which is exhausting), focus on one key promotion per week.

Print out a calendar (I use calendarlabs.com) and decide week by week what your promotional focus will be for that month and the next four to eight weeks after that. Get ahead of yourself and you’ll feel much more in control.

Thinking 4-8 weeks ahead….

Write a list of the key projects to promote or the messages you want to share. Your list might include:

  1. Book or product launches
  2. Events
  3. Speaking engagements
  4. Workshops and webinars
  5. Joint venture promotions
  6. Special promotions, such as “Top Tips” series to launch a new email course
  7. Free gifts or giveaways
  8. Articles, blog posts or guest posts you’ve written
  9. Awards you’ve won

And don’t forget special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day and other dates relevant to your market.

Schedule these in to your marketing calendar and use scheduling tools to plan ahead. My favourites (and highly recommended, I use them all just about every day) are HootSuite for social media, WordPress for blog posts, and Aweber for email marketing and autoresponders (try it out with the $1 trial).

hootsuite online marketing tips

aweber online marketing tips

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And keep yourself motivated, focused and on track every day with the Daily Success Plan