Attracting your ideal clients on social media is easy if you position yourself as an expert on social media. People work with people, and using social media, email marketing, face to face networking etc. we build that all -important know-like-trust.

It’s important to establish your credibility and your specialist expertise before building visibility – something we teach in the How To Shine Online program (*coming soon!*).

position yourself as an expert on social media So a quick pop quiz to see if you’ve established yourself as an expert:

#1 Do you have a community, a tribe, a following on social media? (this could be a Facebook group or page, a LinkedIn following, Google+ community)

Tip: You can check your social media influence using Klout (take it with a pinch of salt but it gives you a benchmark

#2 Do you get engagement (likes, shares, comments) on your posts?

#3 Do people tag you in posts and groups – to answer questions or to refer you business?

#4 Do you get referrals on Facebook from people you’ve never met in person?

#5 Do people know who you are, what you do and how you can help them?

#6 Are you an active participant in a number of Facebook groups?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then congratulations. You have established your expertise and have your position as an expert on social media. You’re ready to ramp up your visibility!

If no, then there are a few things to work on before you go out loud and proud.

How to position yourself as an expert on Social Media 

#1 Showcase your expertise one area / one target market / one niche at a time

The fastest way to establish yourself is to be a specialist rather than a generalist

#2 Share your expertise in groups

Answer questions, give advice, provide feedback in a way that showcases your expertise in your chosen topic

#3 Create great content – this might be blog posts, articles, memes, checklists, stories, videos but you need to SHOW your audience your expertise. And most importantly do it consistently.

Mix up your content  by using blog posts, slides, videos, live streaming, podcasts, FAQs etc. so you appeal to a wider audience.

If you need some inspiration for your content, here are some “Kick Ass Content Marketing Ideas”

Be real, honest or maybe even controversial (more on this in “An unorthodox way to generate content for your blog”)

Share your posts on your Facebook page and your other social media profiles, and also in other people’s Facebook groups (check the guidelines in case there are only certain days to post your own content and links)

Being an expert is a marathon not a sprint. There are too many people who get very high profile and active on social media when they’re launching something and then disappear, until the next sales cycle. Don’t be one of those people!

Here’s a great infographic showing 25 Ways To Create Content Without Writing A Word

position yourself as an expert on social media #4 TTP – Talk to people

Don’t just post your articles in groups and disappear – or worse still, schedule them in Hootsuite and never visit the group. Better to post in a few strategic groups (where your ideal clients are hanging out) and spend the time to answer questions, interact with others in the group and build relationships

Don’t forget to connect with the leader of the group too

#5 Create your own Facebook group

This is really the best way to build community online where you’re the leader – thought leader, expert, and can showcase your talents and skills. Your online community will become your best source of new clients, members, subscribers and referrals if you look after them.

#6 Showcase your expertise

Ask leading questions about your area. Share relevant industry or news stories and add your opinion or comments. Ask thought-provoking questions

Share stats and comments and respond using your knowledge

Answer questions others are posting in your specialist area. Try to avoid promoting your services unless directly asked – that will come in time. Be in the group to serve and support, not to sell

#7 Share success stories

Showcase your clients’ success stories, case studies, transformations – not only will they want to share, the stories will inspire others, and also highlight your expertise and how you can help others.

What other ideas or experiences do you have for establishing your expertise online? I’d love you to share them in the Modern Marketing Club Facebook group (where social media and digital marketing are fun and effective)