power hour energy coachingPOWER HOUR ENERGY COACHING


A POWER HOUR energy coaching call is just the boost you need if you feel stuck in your business or career and you KNOW you are ready for MORE but something is stopping you.

This powerful session taps into your energy and will show you where the blocks are, and how to move past them. You’ll get your questions answered, and leave feeling empowered and ready for your next step – it’s like personal growth on steroids!


What’s included:

  • An Energy assessment which gives you a powerful understanding of your energy and how that is helping or hindering you in certain areas of your business and life
  • A 1 hour call with me via Zoom where we’ll look at the energy levels you’re operating in, and any subconscious blocks that are holding you back. You’ll leave with actionable steps you can get working on right away to boost your energy, confidence and client attracting mojo! 
  • Bespoke tools to facilitate your progress, as appropriate
  • A sense of relief and empowerment as you understand why you’ve found it so hard to move forward in certain areas of your life in the past.
  • A powerful energy activation to anchor in your progress and set you up for success

What do past clients say about working with me?

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