Power v Force – Your Marketing Advantage!

Following on from my recent bookclub post about Power v Force (the groundbreaking book by David Hawkins where he lays out the Map of Consciousness) it strikes me how much this applies to Marketing.

marketing advantage

David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness

Power is working in the Flow state (Through me consciousness)

Force is “hustle mode” or By Me consciousness where you are trying to make things happen

How does this impact marketing?

Let’s use the dating analogy.

Force would be actively scouring the dating apps and scheduling dates. A friend of mine recommended lining up 3 or 4 dates in one evening in a scheduled rotation style. That never worked for me, because I could never find 3 or 4 people I wanted a date with, let alone coordinate them all on the same evening!!

For me, it was about tuning into the energy of potential dates and how that felt. Quality over quantity every time.

But you get the idea.

Force is putting a lot of effort in. It’s masculine energy. It’s scheduling, planning, showing up even when you don’t feel like it, executing your plan.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, this is the traditional approach and I taught this for years in my Social Media strategy workshops.

Having a content plan, knowing what to post, making sure you have the different types of content to build your audience and connect with potential clients, is obviously important.

But how about an alternative?

How about Marketing in a way that is less prescriptive and more personalised?

More aligned with you.

Easier, more joyful and more effective.

That’s where Power comes in.

Power isn’t about dominating others, your job title, or how much money you make.

Power comes from within.

Power is a FEELING.

It’s working in Flow, allowing the Universe to express through you.

Being authentic

Feeling empowered because you are being true to yourself. Showing up as your authentic self. Fulfilling your highest potential. Speaking your truth.

Following your soul’s calling.

Marketing from THIS place is intuitive. It’s working with the Universe to co-create the results you deserve.

Letting it happen, not trying to force or control the outcome

Trusting that you’re on the right path

Knowing you are meant for more

Operating at the higher levels of consciousness so that you attract clients, money and opportunities at those higher levels. Think higher ticket, higher calibre clients.

So which do you choose?

Power or Force?

Marketing the easy way or the “I hate marketing but I know I have to do it, so I’m going to follow someone else’s formula, grit my teeth and push through” way?

If you could use help to carve your own path, from an experienced Marketing & Alignment mentor, get in touch and let’s chat!

I’ll help you find the right balance of masculine (doing) and feminine (being) energy, raise your vibe around Marketing, and use Power, not Force to create the results you deserve.