When life hands you lemons, it’s time for a SHIFT

Feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed?

The first step to changing things for the better, and feeling some relief, is to become aware of the patterns.

And then being willing to face them, acknowledge them and release them (this is the hardest part but where the big breakthroughs happen)

I’ve created a process which is designed to shift your energy from these “stuck” lower vibrational energies into higher (more empowered) energy.

It’s called the REAL Shift Method (™).

This is how it works…

R – Raise your consciousness (from the lower disempowering energies such as frustration, victim mode, hustle, overthinking to higher levels (flow, ease, fun, joy)) 

E – Embody the energy of what you want to create (so you are a vibrational match for your soulmate clients) 

A – Ask for higher guidance  (be open to receive guidance from your higher self, guides, spirits and the Universe – or whatever higher entity you believe in) 

L – Listen (trust that you will get the answers you need by listening and being aware of signs and inspiration. Accept what ideas come to you without judging them – that is your ego kicking in!). 

Then take inspired action. 

Using the REAL Shift Method (™) you can raise your consciousness to a higher energetic state where you’re able to tap into your inner wisdom, and receive guidance from the Universe.

That’s where the magic happens and you show up fully empowered and ready for anything! Doors open, opportunities open up and there’s no stopping you!

It moves you out of confusion and feeling stressed (and out of control), to feeling empowered and connected to divine creativity and unlimited potential.

Because when you’re feeling stressed your stress hormones spike and your brain literally SHUTS down and goes into fight, flight or freeze mode.

You get disconnected from divine inspiration and higher guidance, and stuck in your head.

Now you’re overthinking, over analysing, procrastinating, doubting yourself, comparing yourself to others, and on it goes, spinning in circles in your head.

So if you’re feeling stuck which position would you rather be making decisions from?

Empowered and divinely inspired, or stressed and stuck!?

If you could use a Shift in your business growth contact me . I have a 1 month intensive, a 6 week program and a 4-month Mentoring package.

The simplest and most aligned way to expand your impact and income is available for you and I can’t wait to help you make it happen. ❤