Should YouTube be part of your Marketing Strategy?

Welcome to this week’s Facebook Live. I’m going to talk about whether YouTube should be part of your marketing strategy.

Now why am I so excited about YouTube at the moment because I’ve just been away for nearly three weeks on holiday and come back and realise that actually I did a lot of automation and scheduling while I was away so everything kept on going and that’s the beauty of online marketing.

But I haven’t posted any videos and actually because I was busy before I went and I was busy when I got back I actually haven’t posted any new videos on YouTube for two months. But I went and had a look yesterday or was it over the weekend at YouTube as I was posting some more videos and absolutely amazed by what I found.

And even though I’ve been away and even though I hadn’t posted anything or engaged on YouTube at all I’m still gained new subscribers at work more excitingly than that I’ve actually got hundreds and hundreds of video views and that’s without any paid advertising or any engagement this from videos that are on YouTube and some other videos are not particularly new. In fact I feel a little bit embarrassed about the videos and I probably will rerun. I’ll get rid of them and rerecord them. That’s a shame to lose that history in those views. But actually as you up your game you maybe need to replace some of your videos. But I also had this realisation I’ve had 44,000 video views on my YouTube channel.

Now as you probably realise I’m not a YouTube sensation I haven’t got a massive following it got 138 subscribers (as of Aug 2017) on my YouTube channel so I need to really work on that. But to answer the question should youtube be part of your marketing strategy. Absolutely yes. Now there’s lots of different ways you can use Youtube and what I might do is a little tutorial or a blog on how you optimize your YouTube videos because it’s one thing to actually make a video. You need to make sure you optimize it when you put it onto YouTube so that people find it. But the reason I’ve had so many views on my videos. Two things really. And what’s really exciting this is what makes digital marketing and particularly YouTube at the moment so exciting. Most of my view 60 to 70 percent of those 41000 views of having my videos on YouTube have come from two places and they’ve come from suggested videos. So you know when you watch a video on YouTube YouTube when you get to the end you will suggest other videos to watch. So that is one where the other one is from YouTube search. Now people I think sometimes I know I not really recognize the importance of this. I don’t think in the past but YouTube is a really powerful search engine and of course it’s part of the Google suite. And when people need anything they go into YouTube or into Google and type you know how do I X Y and Z. Now I do tend to do most of my videos tend to be have two types of videos.

And so what you choose doing is going outside of my very small subscriber base and it’s actually recommending my videos to people that I’ve watched other that are I suppose related type of videos and also people are searching for some of the things that I’ve posted videos on them absolutely blown away by 41000 views. And I’ve only got 138 subscribers on YouTube. So first of all I would ask you please come and have a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe. I’d be happy to do the same for you. Let’s support each other here in the Modern Marketing Club.

But if you’re making any sort of video or Facebook live what you can do is you can download the videos and then you can upload them to YouTube. And. Don’t you have to spend a lot of time on a YouTube channel. But actually by building up a library of videos which goes towards you Google rankings. And when you’ve got YouTube actually working for you suggesting your videos and showing them to people it’s amazing. You’ve got this sort of other whole sales machine working for you and if you can optimize your videos on YouTube and have a strong call to action. And you can use what they called what’s called an End play where you can you can recommend videos that you want people to watch next. It’s really powerful and YouTube can be a really powerful part of your marketing system your marketing funnel if you like. And when we look at the three pieces which is a tracked convert and scale.

Three pieces of my model in the How To Shine Online program YouTube is a really key piece of that top part the attract part of getting new potential customers and subscribers and lead into your marketing system. So I’m definitely going to be doing some training on new Chief Marketing and also some ways because we what we do a lot of Modern Marketing Spark repurposing content. So we’re going to be looking at how can we make more videos with the content we’ve got. How can we use these videos in different ways. Because I imagine the power of Facebook Live which then got a video a put onto YouTube you can transcribe that into a video a blog. You can take the audio out if you’ve got a podcast. There’s loads and loads of things you can do. So anyway Hello great to see some of you here with me live. Any questions on using YouTube as part of your marketing as you can tell I’m quite excited. So I’d love your questions. I’d love to have a conversation. But personally I’m really really excited about YouTube and I love. I just love social media and digital marketing that you can make a really you know make a piece of content and you’ve got all these search engines and social media platforms out there actually promoting your content for you. And it’s all free. I mean how amazing is that. So what do you guys think. Are you using YouTube. Would you like to be. What’s stopping you if you’re not using YouTube or you’re not using videos in your marketing what’s stopping you. And if you are I’d love to know how you’re getting on and how how you get your views and how you make the most of your video. So talk to me people.

Brilliant question what’s the difference between using YouTube video. You know I use Vimeo to store my videos for all my paid membership. My membership sites all my paid training. So I tend to use Vimeo as a bit like I’m off three as three like storage. I don’t use it as a search engine but that may be something to have a look at. But does the meoh have the same. Powerful search engine that YouTube does. I know there’s a search engine as I say most of my video videos are private and hidden. So if you went into my Vimeo channel you probably wouldn’t really see much. Well I think I’ve got about 300 videos in there. But are you using it in that way it is Vimeo recommending your videos. I mean for me what I don’t know and I’d love to know the answer to this I don’t know if the army is connected to Google was YouTube and Google obviously are all part of the same system. So for me that’s just a no brainer. YouTube videos work on linked in now. That’s quite a recent thing. But if you’ve got a YouTube channel you can share videos now to your other platforms.

And yes you can run ads on YouTube as well. Yeah I think let’s make that a challenge you and I find out more. But yeah. So I use Vimeo for private and YouTube for public. I’ve always done that but I don’t. I’d love to know. I maybe put a question in a modern marketing club and some of the other Facebook groups and see if there’s any sort of Vimeo search experts I mean yeah. Anyone else here using YouTube or I was really interested to know if you’re not using video if you’re not using YouTube Why is that. What is that that stopping you. Since I’m no YouTube sensation I’m not some you know 19 year old glamour girl. I love the fact that YouTube is doing my marketing for me. Thank you YouTube. [51.7]

The secret is to be much more disciplined about posting regular videos and posting Facebook lives. If I’ve got forty one thousand views without really doing very much hopefully I can get that up and build the subscriber base.

And perhaps I’ll put some training together because I’ve just got a very simple sort of five step process that I use when I upload my videos.