Yesterday I went in front of the dragon’s at the Dacorum’s Den (local version of Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank). The dragon’s were very nice but the Q&A was a bit scary (just like on telly!).

Excited to report that I was successful (woo hoo!) and am now the proud winner of almost £1,000 funding which will be spent on building an all-singing, all-dancing Modern Marketing Club, including a new website and membership/training portal. I’ll also be investing in some new software and tech support which will streamline my marketing and take my business to a whole new level (which is what we’re all striving for, isn’t it!). And, of course, I’ll be sharing my learning and experiences so you can ramp up your marketing and business too!  

Today’s tip is inspired by one of the Dacorum’s Den judges, Mike Penning, MP. Who on learning about the Modern Marketing Club said “all he could get his head round is his website and LinkedIn”. To which my answer was,  “that’s fine, if that’s what works for you”.

I shared the story of one of my clients whose marketing system is solely comprised of his website and LinkedIn. His LinkedIn profile pre-sells for him, his blog auto posts LinkedIn updates, and he’s now got a “client attraction strategy” that’s working gangbusters for him.

no cookie cutter marketing strategyThe point? Is today’s TOP TIP: There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if all the cool people are on Instagram. If LinkedIn works for you and brings you more business, then focus on LinkedIn! 

Stop marketing by the seat of your pants, chasing the latest hot strategies and hoping something will work. Understand where your ideal clients are and how you can help them, then put a system in place to get in front of them and turn them from fans and followers into customers.  

This critical step in marketing your business is exactly what we’re covering on the first Modern Marketing Club webinar on 4th June. If you want to get 100% crystal clear on your strategy, which platforms will work best for you….and find a system that works for you,.click here to join us.