Synchronicities – The Universe is trying to tell you something. Take notice! 😍
Two strange (but potentially very fortuitous) things have happened recently. 😍
Call them synchronicity, or serendipity, they are definitely not coincidence (which I don’t believe in anyway!) 💫
The first is a big decision I have to make, concerning finances, and long term security. Trying to decide whether to go with Option A or Option B kept me awake most of the night recently. 🥴
The very next day, a letter arrived in the post. Keeping in mind it had been forwarded, due to my recent house move, the timing was even more interesting. 💫
The letter offered an Option C which I hadn’t considered. “OMG, Option C could be the answer” I thought to myself. 🤯
I felt something shift inside me when I realised this is the Universe literally handing me the answer to my dilemma. 🤯
It felt like a massive relief. And so empowering, knowing I didn’t have to figure this out on my own. I felt peaceful and excited at the same time, and couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, I was so energised by the experience I went live on Instagram to share it. 🎙
But that’s not the end of the story. 😮
Fast forward 2 days, and ANOTHER letter with another version of Option C arrived in the post! 🤯
Now I definitely couldn’t ignore this “nudge” from the Universe. 💫
So, I’m currently exploring Option C and keeping eyes, ears and heart open, as I move towards a decision. 💫
The second synchronicity was an old file opening up in my GoogleDocs this morning. A file that’s been in my folders so long I had to blow the dust off ….for some reason popped up on my screen when I booted up!🤯
It gives me EXACTLY what I need for the next step of relaunching Aligned Marketing. And something I’d asked for help with recently. 🤯
All the time I had exactly what I needed, right in front of me! 🤯
Synchronicities happen all the time. But it’s easy to miss them, ignore them or dismiss them as coincidence. 💫
It’s the same when you’re MANIFESTING money, clients or a new house or relationship. The signs are there, if you look for them. 💫
Spotting synchronicities is a key part of the manifesting process. 🪄 – one of four steps actually.
I’ve made a short video explaining how this works – and there’s a workbook you can use to speed up the process.
So keep watching out for those “nudges” from the Universe and watch the magic happen! 🪄🔥✨