Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”
This is also true of how we learn and embody things. Which is why you can work your socks off, with the best marketing strategy in the world, and still not get the results you deserve.
💫It’s also why you can hear the same advice multiple times and it makes logical sense.
💫But one day you hear it and this time it LANDS!
💫You feel a shift within you, a knowing, and it makes sense.
💫The words haven’t changed, but you have!
That happened to me recently, listening to Abraham Hicks talking about the importance of staying aligned with your purpose – because you can’t control other people or external circumstances.
You can manifest ANYTHING into your life when you’re aligned with your desires because you’re a vibrational match with them.
As soon as you be or do something that’s not in alignment with who you really are, you create resistance which stops those things coming to you.
Basic Law of Attraction stuff, but while our logical mind thinks it “gets it”, subconsciously we keep doing things that keep our desires away. Because our consciousness determines our reality. 🤯
That’s why I teach the the 4 stages of consciousness in my programs as the first step to achieving business and life goals. If this is new to you, I encourage you to watch this 
Because to fully embody your desires and create success in your life or business, you have to be operating at a HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.
Interesting how this works, isn’t it! 🤔😬
If you feel stuck in your business or marketing, get in touch and let’s look at what’s going on under the surface. I can help you clear your energy and match your vibe to what you want. Hallelujah!! 😍