Masterminding is such a powerful concept. It’s being part of mastermind groups that has helped to power my business forward. I left a recent mastermind group feeling so fired up, and inspired, and with a plan to completely revolutionise my business. Very exciting.


Let me share a real example that happened this week:

It concerns a problem I’ve been struggling with for a client, for a couple of weeks now. I’d asked my team to investigate options A or B, and we had spent a lot of time looking into this but I didn’t feel we’d found the right solution. Speaking to a fellow masterminder about something unrelated I decided to ask him if he had any experience with solutions A or B, or could perhaps recommend solution C.

What stunned me, and has provided a solution to the problem, is said masterminder flipped the question back on me. Rather than looking at A versus B, he asked what the client is ultimately trying to achieve. Having answered that, he told me he’d suggest option XYZ and that he and his team can implement it for me.

Wow! Totally worth my mastermind fee for that one piece of advice and solution to my problem.

So, what are the lessons learnt here? 

#1 Are you asking the right question? Or asking the question in the right way?

#2 You don’t know what you don’t know

Here’s another example……..

In yesterday’s mastermind we helped one entrepreneur map out a signature system for her online program – something she’d been stuck on. Her lightbulb moment was realising that she has much of the content already. Now she just has to plug it into the structure we created yesterday. Big roadblock demolished in less than 30 minutes!

Was that a worthwhile use of time spent for everyone? Hell, YES!

Did the others in the group learn from that session and get ideas and inspiration? Yes!

Masterminding is a WIN WIN for everyone

And sharing a great quote from the Psychographics blog:

“A mastermind becomes a place of refuge. A place where you can go to have an honest discussion with people you trust and respect. A place where you can sort out your issues and people hold you responsible”