The Pros and Cons of Creating a Personal Brand – My journey to discover myself
A New Age Approach to Marketing (and my story of how I got here)
If you’ve ever had a reality check that’s changed the trajectory of your life, this will resonate!
I felt like I’d been punched in the gut.
Looking at the hard, cold numbers with my accountant I realised two unavoidable truths:
❗️Firstly, that while my business was making six figures, my profit margins were not as high as I’d thought. I was working hard for an income that wasn’t much more than a job.
❗️Secondly, when I looked at my take home profits on an hourly rate basis, some of my team were making more than me! 😲
All that hard work and I’d just created another job for myself.
Something had to change!
As much as I loved my clients and the work we did for them, doing “done for you” Social Media management, running ad campaigns, and managing a growing team, had started to feel like a job.
It felt a bit soulless. A bit hamster wheel.
I’d started my business to be my own boss, for freedom, but also because my soul was yearning for more.
But in chasing the entrepreneurial dream I’d created another job for myself. One that didn’t feel fulfilling or aligned any more.
To step into my desires – of being a speaker, trainer, mentor, coach.
Making the decision to launch “brand Cassie Hicks” was easy. 😍
It felt so exciting, so aligned.
But I soon hit another huge roadblock. One that stopped me in my tracks (that’s another story for another time…) 😱
But I’m grateful because this led to a spiritual journey.
An awakening.
Deep personal growth, healing wounds, clearing old patterns, facing fears and self doubts, doing the inner work.
Only then could I move forward on the next step of my journey.
As well as gaining huge life experience, I also massively invested in myself, and expanded and upgraded my skill set so I could help others on a similar journey.
👩‍🎓Studying and embodying Human age approach to marketing
👩‍🎓Becoming certified as an Energy Practitioner so I could help others to heal and grow
👩‍🎓Creating daily practices to ensure I show up as the best version of myself
👩‍🎓Combining my years of marketing experience with spiritual and energetic practices to create the Aligned Marketing process
That’s why I’m so excited to announce the next live round of the Aligned Marketing program.
My signature program for Attracting a steady stream of Soulmate Clients, while being authentically YOU. 😍
This is a program that continually evolves and expands, as I grow and learn and test new things myself.
Not only do you learn the latest, proven marketing strategies but also how to work with your natural Energetic Blueprint. Allowing you to embody your most empowered and aligned, and magnetic, SELF into your business and offerings.
I believe the only way to Market yourself effectively, is to play to your strengths, as you are (human) designed to show up in the world. 🦹‍♀️
As your fully empowered, authentic, fabulous, true self! 😍
In summary, The Pros and Cons of Creating a Personal Brand
…is a journey but it’s so worth it!
The Aligned Marketing program takes a unique, holistic approach to Marketing. ☯️❤️🪄💫✨🔥👑
Combining practical Marketing Strategies & Accountability (DOing), with Spiritual practices (Alignment, Energy, Growth, BEing) it enables you to grow your business with ease and FLOW, as you discover and embrace your authentic self.
Contact me for details. 🥳🥳🥳