Have you ever searched for something online (like a pair of Ugg boots or a holiday?) and then noticed ads for that very thing popping up everywhere you go on the web?

That’s remarketing (or some people call it retargetting). I introduced the concept in this blog post. The secrets of remarketing might sound a bit spooky (queue the Halloween image!) but it’s actually one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today.

Why do we need remarketing? 

The sad fact is that 96% of your web traffic bounces away from your website likes fleas on a hot plate. That is, unless you capture their details. You can do this with both Google and Facebook. I’m focussing on Facebook remarketing for the purposes of this blog post but the concept and execution of the strategy are the same.

the secrets of remarketingThe Secrets of Remarketing and My Top Tips: 

  1. Put the tracking code (called a “pixel”) on your website as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you’re ready to start your advertising campaign. You want to start capturing your web traffic TODAY. Facebook allows you to capture 180 days worth of visitors, and if you’re paying for traffic (or even if you’re not!) you want to capture everyone that’s visiting your site.
  2. Remarketing works whether you have 100 visitors to your site or a million. If you’re a small business it’s even more critical that you collect your web visitors’ details and make the most of every potential customer.
  3. For larger companies niching down works really well. Instead of just putting pixels on your home page you can put tracking code on topic specific pages so you can market to potential clients based on their specific interests.
  4. For example, if you offer a range of different products and services you can track people interested in product A or service B. And then market those, or similar services, to them.
  5. Facebook also allows for sophisticated “conversion tracking” – which is a fancy name for tracking the actions people take on your site.
  6. For example, you can track people who sign up for your special offer (or those who don’t!) and market to them differently. I’ve seen Facebook ads saying “We noticed you visited our events page but didn’t register. Here’s a voucher for a discounted ticket” – powerful stuff indeed!
  7. One of the big secrets of remarketing is that the cost of your ads is cheaper because you’re targeting a warm market.
  8. You can also use remarketing to target your own lists, such as your LinkedIn contacts, email list etc. so that people who already know, like and trust you are seeing your offers across different media. Again, cheaper advertising and very powerful
  9. Last but not least, remarketing gives you an incredible insight into your marketing campaigns. Once you have the pixels (the tracking code) in place on your website you can track how many web visitors convert to subscribers. Or how many web visitors sign up for your webinar or lead magnet. (Don’t know what  lead magnet is? Watch the free training here)

With that knowledge you can find out what’s working well with your marketing and what’s not. If you’re getting a lot of visitors to your lead magnet but no sales then you need to look at your sales page. If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website but no one is signing up to your mailing list, then you need to look at your landing page or lead magnet.

If you’re interested in remarketing for your business get in touch. It’s not the easiest system to set up but is well worth paying a professional to set it up for you and maybe even run your Facebook campaigns. We’re not allowed to make any bold claims but on average, with my current team and the customers we’re serving, we’re finding these strategies are creating £3-£5 ($5-$10) of return for every £1 or $2 spent.

Makes you think, doesn’t it!