The Stories we tell ourselves!
We saw a fascinating film last night about a woman who claimed to be a Jewish child fleeing the Nazis during WWII. She decided to walk from Belgium to Germany to find her parents who had been deported.
She walked alone for through forests and snow, surviving only with the protection of a pack of wolves who befriended her.🐺
It’s a riveting story of persistence, tragedy, post-traumatic stress, and the pure love of animals.
But sadly it wasn’t true!
Despite the heart-wrenching stories and her very detailed and emotive retelling of the story over many years, much of it was pure fantasy. A way to escape the trauma and suffering she had endured as a child.
Whatever you think of the protagonist (Misha) I believe that she lived the fantasy for so long that she came to believe it was true.
And this is the problem with stories.
When we experience emotional events in our lives (which don’t have to be as dramatic as Misha’s, but which leave an imprint on us) we make up stories about ourselves.
This is where the “not good enough” story comes from.
Or the story where you don’t feel confident enough to charge your worth or show up as your true self on Social Media because you feel you “will be judged” or are “not worthy” in some way.
The problem with these stories is that they become embedded into our psyche and we start to believe them. In other words they become BELIEFS.
We then spend our lives looking for evidence that that belief is true.
So you can see how these stories that undermine our confidence and keep us playing small can run deep. And you can be oblivious to the fact that they’re running the show (subconsciously).
This is why I love energy work. Because by working with your higher self, we can find and resolve the problems that hold you back in your business
For example:
:: Feeling afraid to show up consistently on social media so you procrastinate
:: Deciding you need another program, coach or qualification before you’ll be “good enough”
:: Wanting everything to be perfect BEFORE you start promoting your programs and services
:: Not feeling able to charge reasonable rates
(and the list goes on!)
By uncovering the stories and limiting beliefs you tell yourself subconsciously that aren’t actually true we can remove them and replace them with thoughts that empower you.
This is deep, powerful work and it’s remarkable what you’ll discover about yourself and the blocks to manifesting everything you want in your business and life.
Message me if this resonates and you’d like to explore how you can remove the roadblocks to attracting more clients and sales. I have a number of ways I work with clients, at all price points.