the universe has other plans“If a double decker bus crashes into us” 🎵 aka – the Universe has other plans for you!
Little did I know when we were singing that and waving our torchlights at the stage during the Smyths gig a week ago that a metaphorical car crash was on its way (more on that to follow!).💫
The Universe gives us signs but if we ignore them the signs can get bigger and more insistent until we’re forced to notice them. 💫
These signs are sent to guide us into Alignment, and it’s the same whether it’s personal or business. 💫
In business, being out of alignment can be something as trivial sounding as Paypal buttons not working (yes, that actually happened to a client of mine. When she got into alignment the tech worked perfectly!!)💫
The buttons not working actually saved her doing something that wouldn’t have served her (because it wasn’t the right thing for her at that time, i.e. out of alignment). And flagged up to her that she
should stop trying to make the tech work and focus on something else (when you remove the resistance things flow easily) 💫
And it’s the same with Marketing. 💫
When you market in Alignment things flow. You attract clients with ease. Your content flows from you without the agony and frustration of overthinking and trying to guess what people will respond to. You fill your programs and the money comes in. 💫
You stop comparing yourself to other people and get into your lane. Own your brilliance. Step into your full power. Show up as you, quirky, beautiful, warts and all you. 💫
THAT ^^ is my goal for you with Aligned Marketing*
And why I’ve created a suite of Aligned Marketing programs to suit all budgets and goals.
Including the Aligned Marketing Retreat on 13th December. 💫
As well as creating a solid Marketing Plan for 2022 you’ll learn how to tap into your intuition. How to read the signs and KNOW if you’re in alignment or not – plus some really useful tools to create a
STRATEGY for 2022 that is perfect for YOU. So if the Universe has other plans for you you’ll be ready!
So let’s avoid any more metaphorical car crashes – whether in life, business or marketing (or God forbid all of them!!) and get flying and flowing for 2022. ❤ ❤ ❤