Are you tired of getting little response to your social media posts?

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners making is that they dive into their marketing without really, deeply understanding their audience. Without a clear ideal client “avatar” or profile, your marketing message can seem bland and generic, and it won’t resonate with who you really want to connect with.

Why is knowing your Ideal Client Avatar so important?

This crucial step in your marketing planning informs your copywriting, your advertising, your blogs, your website, your product creation, your email marketing, and your social media posts. In fact, every touch point you have with your audience (and there are a lot of them usually) is a chance to get your message in front of potential customers. So, I’d highly recommend starting with this step before jumping into any marketing campaign.

#1 Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

To help you work through the process I’ve put together a handy CLIENT AVATAR CHECKLIST which you can print off and use to really drill down into the mindset of your ideal clients.


And here’s a short video summarising some of the key benefits of using this process

How to use the Ideal Client Avatar Process

#1 Download, print off and work through the Ideal Avatar Checklist

#2 Always focus on one client per sheet (you will need to do this for each of your key target audiences)

#3 Research your audience by using surveys, talking to them, interacting with them on social media

#4 Use the information to inform your marketing

You can start with some of the ideas below….

9 Ways To 10X Your Marketing Using The Ideal Client Avatar Process

Blogging – Once you understand your ideal client’s dreams, desires and pain points you can address them in a blog post

Website – You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention, so use the avatar to speak to their key dreams/desires or challenges/pain points

Attract new clients – use language that is emotive and speaks very specifically to your ideal clients so they take notice

Paid Traffic – use the avatar to target very specific interests, groups and influencers (this works particularly well on Facebook)

Copywriting – make your copy much more compelling by honing in on the key issues for your market

Email marketing – build know-like-trust quickly by addressing your audience in their own language, and by targeting your message to their specific needs

Product Creation – don’t guess which products and services your ideal clients want, use the avatar process to create products that meet their specific needs, and which they’ll be hungry to buy

Videos and Live Streaming – Build a bigger, more engaged following by delivery content tailored to your audience

Segmentation – Use the avatar process to tailor your marketing, sending targeted messages to specific segments of your database, based on their exact interests and preferences

Can you think of any others?

I would love to hear how you get on, or answer any questions you may have. Your mission [should you choose to accept it!] is to download the avatar checklist and create a profile for your Ideal Client. Then hone your marketing and watch your results improve.