Facebook Live, oh how many ways do I love thee? So many, but sharing my top 3 Reasons To Use Facebook Live in your Marketing…

Firstly, with organic (i.e. unpaid) reach at almost zero on Facebook following the recent newsfeed changes (if you’re not up to speed watch this free training where I explain the changes and how to overcome them) it’s getting harder to get your message out unless you’re savvy with your marketing.

The most savvy way to increase your reach on Facebook is by using Facebook Live!

For example see a snapshot of my posts in the last day or so (on a page with 5,500 fans). Minimal reach on the posts except the FB Live which reached 10% of my audience – I could do more with boosting or ads or promoting the live pre and post but this is raw data to demonstrate what you can do with no ad spend.


2. Not only do Facebook Lives increase your reach and engagement, but Facebook will actively seek out potential viewers (think leads and customers!) who are likely to enjoy and engage with your broadcast. This alone has brought in a number of new prospects to my community and also re-engaged some page fans who had gone quiet.

3. It’s not just about being “live”. Once you’ve finished your Facebook Live you have a valuable piece of content you can repurpose. Just a few ways you can leverage your Facebook Live – include:

The possibilities are endless.

Are you using Facebook Live? If not, what’s stopping you?

Need help to get started?

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