Using Crystals to Remove yourself from Toxic Relationships, and Clear the Emotional Connection
working with crystalsIn a recent Aligned Marketing session we were talking about CUTTING CORDS.
Sometimes it’s unhealthy to stay connected to certain people, and better to actively remove yourself.
Cutting Cords is a way to clear the energy between you and someone you want to distance yourself from. Not physically – but to release the energetic “hold” and connection between you.
I’ve used this a number of times and it’s very effective. Most recently when removing myself from a toxic relationship, where the energetic attachment was very strong. The cord kept being reattached (because the other person didn’t want to let go).


Cord cutting is done through guided meditation, and usually with something sharp like an axe, knife, sword etc. The more symbolic the better! But in my case the cord was made of steel.
Stuck for how to remove it, I reached out to the lovely ladies of Sparkling Synergy. Instead of trying to cut the cord, I learnt it could be DISSOLVED using a very potent cleansing crystal. Can you spot it in the picture?


Crystals are an incredible source of wisdom, healing and guidance. They are so much more than just pretty colours and feeling nice to touch. Like everything, they have their own energy. You can even learn to work with them if you choose.


If you’d like to learn more you can watch the fascinating session Felicia ran for my community recently.
You’ll learn:
  • How to work with crystals,
  • How to recharge them
  • How to care for them
  • How to choose them
Felicia works closely with her crystals and shares a ton of golden nuggets and insights with those who want to learn more. Notebooks at the ready!!