Taken from this week’s Facebook Live on the Modern Marketing Spark Facebook page, How understanding your Audience can increase your sales on Social Media is taken from a presentation I delivered at a networking meeting recently, where the challenge was to talk about “Audience” using 20 slides, for 20 seconds each.


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Hello, in this week’s Facebook live I’m going to talk about how understanding your audience can help you to increase your sales on social media. Firstly, I’ll introduce myself if you don’t know who I am. Cassie Hicks founder of modern marketing spark we are a full service digital marketing agency and specializing in content marketing and Facebook marketing funnels. So you’re not sure what that means we basically help you to take your potential customers and clients on a journey from complete strangers all the way through to pay to customers who love you and refer you and rave about you.

The process of going from cold to warm to hot leads used to take a really long time. It used to be you know you go to networking meetings and then you’d schedule calls and you might have follow ups and you’d send proposals and sometimes that process could take a really long time. But with social media we can really shortcut that process and use a content strategy which just means the information that you’re sharing on social media.

So you’re posting your videos your Facebook lives all the valuable content that you as an expert sharing of your community and how a good content strategy will help you to position yourself as an expert to build trust with your audience and also to take people on that journey from cold to warm to hot. So there’s a massive opportunity here for business owners to use social media to increase sales.

What I find is that quite often in business owners can find social media a bit overwhelming. There’s all of this stuff going on and the problem is they can be approaching it a little bit of an ad hoc way. I’m sure that’s not you or anyone watching this session today but there are a lot of business owners out there who are not really sure what they’re doing on social media. So it’s one of a bit ad hoc.

There’s no strategy behind what they’re doing and most importantly they don’t have a system for turning prospects into customers and that’s what we do with content marketing and with our Facebook marketing tools. So if you want to profit from social media you need to think about things a little bit differently.

If you’ve in my Modern Marketing Club Facebook group or in my own Modern Marketing Spark Facebook page I have been in my programs and heard me talking about this before – you need to build a modern marketing machine. But before you panic there’s only three things that you need.

The first one is traffic. That’s the audience that we’re talking about today.
The second is a really compelling offer. So you need to be sending this traffic to some sort of an offer.
And the third thing is your message
Getting your marketing message absolutely spot on for the audience you want to talk to.

increase your sales on social mediaSo I want you to imagine now a circle with three pieces and on it in a circle we’ve got hot. The next level out is warm. And then the big outside piece the circle is cold. It got cold and then warm in the middle and then hot.
So you can imagine it’s a heat map.

Now the outside are “cold”. These are people that don’t know anything about you they may have for example at the meeting I was at last night giving this presentation. There were people that I’ve never met in my life before so they would be what you would call you consider them a cold audience.
With a warm audience it’s someone you’ve either met or there might be a in connection say you’re maybe connected or you have met them in person or maybe they’ve read a blog post they might be on your mailing list. You could have met them at an event they could have been referred. So this was warm a warm audience.

And then you got your hot audience and these you’re paying customers. Now you might wonder why you’d want to be marketing to people that already your customer because perhaps they used to be a customer but then are not a customer now perhaps they’re a customer now that you’ve got other products and services that would be really useful for them. So you might want to cross-sell or upsell. You might be hoping to get reviews and testimonials.

So the point is you need to talk to those different audiences in different ways you don’t want to treat them all the same because all audiences are not created equal. So let’s have a look at how you can target these different audiences.

So we start with the cold which is the outside of the circle of cold audience people that don’t know anything about you you can target the whole audience based on demographics age sex income levels those that are very basic you know location very basic demographic information and also what interests are particularly talking about Facebook and target of interests. Now somebody asked me last night is this Are you just talking about paid advertising. And it used to be that targeting interest groups was just for paid advertising. Now when you post on your Facebook page you can actually target on demographics even with your free content. So this targeting that I’m talking about some of it is paid but actually a lot of it is just when you’re posting on your Facebook post that it’s free it’s organic traffic.

So you can as I say you can target on location you can target on on things like job title and income level net worth with some of the homeowner. But if somebody has a parent parent of teenagers parent of time learns to her parent of pre-school and you can drill down to buy behaviours online has somebody bought product online in the last 30 days for example really really sophisticated. This is how you can find cold new audiences too for potential customers.

You can also target your competitors and this is where it gets really exciting and you can do this with a pay strategy or a free strategy. So with the paid strategy what you do is you use the Facebook and manager to find people that follow your competitors they might be your competitors programs some of your phone your competitors but you can then if your competitors have got enough of an audience you can actually go and target those people.

So for example I got a search here for a client which they were looking for women between 24 age 24 and 64 English speaking countries so U.K. America Australia Canada who followed the female entrepreneur Association. So that was a real competitor following strategy. Let’s look at war now so this isn’t the answer on the next level in the circle and actually just to go back a step.

I was asked at the meeting last night does this work for business to business as well as business to consumer. AB So it does give you you’re targeting on homeowners or landlords or people certain net worth. Absolutely you can target business to business in the same when you’re targeting your competitors. So yes this works for marketing to consumers and to other businesses as well we use this very much for business to business.

So consider your warm audiences. How do you target one more years which is when you get into what’s called remarketing and you probably seeing this where you search for something on the Internet and then the ads follow you around that’s called remarketing. Some people think it’s a bit scary but it’s actually very powerful and it works really really well. If someone has been to your website or read a particular blog post or engaged with you in some way you can actually now this is using paid advertising now you can actually market remarket to those people because you know you’ve already got that no like in trust. So you’re actually targeting on behaviour and engagement.

So now we’ve gone from just cold picking people based on interesting demographics who were actually looking at how people behave and how they engage with us. So let’s talk about Facebook custom audiences. Now this is within the pay section of Facebook for running Facebook ads.

So what sort of groups can we target. This is where you can really hone your sales on social media using some of these strategies. So for example you can target I mentioned your website visitors so you could target every one that’s been to your website in the past you can do it. You could go back six months if you want. You could say in the past 30 days the last 60 days 90 days and you can also target people who’ve been to a particular page on your website.

So let’s say you sell three different products you’ve got product A B and C you can target people with an ad that you know being two page essay and you can target people with a different ad that you have been to page in a very in a completely different products or services you want to address that in your marketing. So really really powerful because what you don’t want to do is have one.

Message one post or one and on Facebook which talks about everything because if I’m interested in a I’m not going to respond to an ad that’s talking about B and vice versa I hope that makes sense. So you can also do things that you can import to your e-mail list into Facebook and you can promote to those people. Now again you might say why would you want to promote your own evil list because you’ve probably heard about the seven touch points people need to be they need to be touched marketing wise seven times before they will take an action or buy from you. So how do you get those touch points.
It’s through posting it’s through Facebook groups through LinkedIn connections it’s through advertising. And you can get a seven touch points really quickly using this strategy I’m talking about. You can also For example you can export your LinkedIn connections and upload those into Facebook as an audience and then you can market to those people. So again you might think why would you want to take lead connections are put on Facebook because if someone sees you on LinkedIn That’s a touch point they might see on Facebook. That’s another touch point and like see a blog post another touch point perhaps they see you promoting a blog on Twitter.

So another touch point so you can see you can really quickly get yourself in touch points here without huge huge amount of work. And you can also target with what we’re still looking at a warm audience. Now you can target people that have watched a video. So if you put a video on to Facebook you can now run an audience. You can now target people who’ve watched a certain amount of that video 25 percent 50 percent to 100 percent. And you can also target people that have engaged with your Facebook page. That’s when it gets really really exciting. So you can upload your lists.

Let’s move to a hot audience right in the inner circle now of your all hot audience. These are people that have already paid you or they’re paying customers in some way. So what you can do is you can either upload those people as an audience and again you want to talk to those people differently because you’re running ads on Facebook and someone’s already a customer you don’t want to talk to them in the same way you talk to someone that’s a cold a stranger that doesn’t know anything about you customers you want to talk to them much more in a friendly manner. And you want to talk to them in a way that you know that they already know about your business and what you offer them and how you work otherwise they wouldn’t be coming back again.

You might want to cross-sell or up sell or offer new products or services or offer any opportunities to ask for reviews and testimonials for lots of different things you would do with a hot audience that you wouldn’t do with a cold or a warm audience. Can you see how we’re really targeting here. And lastly in terms of engagement with a hot audience what you can do is you can import your customer lists whether you’ve got a list of people who are customers or members of a membership program take an online course or Paypal customers.

And you can use them as an audience so you can also do something very clever by creating a lookalike audience and what Facebook does is it creates an audience that matches your customers. And it will create a much much bigger audience of people that fit the same profile as your paying customers on Facebook. How amazing is that.

And that is a quick run through of how understanding your audience can help you to increase sales and social media.

You need to write your copy copying your words to those three different audiences. So I hope that’s been helpful. You are welcome to come and join me in the Modern Marketing Club and ask questions there or on my Facebook page.

And if you need any help with identifying audiences or how you target audiences are going thumbs up higher and you are welcome to schedule a free 15 minute strategy call with me a https://cassiehicks.com/schedule schedule a free 15 minute strategy call where we can have a look at your different audiences and how you might be speaking to those people with your ads and posts. Okay thank you so much for listening. I will see you in the marketing club and I’ll see you next week.