I was lucky enough to hear Gabrielle Bernstein speak at the Women Unlimited Thrive conference last year. Following her talk she was gracious enough to stay and chat, and sign copies of her book (which you can just see me clutching tightly in the picture here! I was fortunate to get my hands on one of the last copies, you have to move quickly with these things!)

Gabrielle has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, including working with Marie Forleo and appearing on Oprah’s Soul Sunday. In fact Oprah named Gabby (as she is sometimes known) as one of the key spiritual influencers of our time.

Gabby Bernstein is know as The Spirit Junkie, and her talk didn’t disappoint. She is a very genuine (“authentic” is the word of the moment) New Yorker who’s pulled herself out of a very destructive lifestyle by deciding to change her life, face her fears and follow her intuition. She openly talks of her battle with drink and drugs and how she turned her life around to the success story she is today.

gabrielle bernsteinHer book May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness is definitely worth a read.

Here’s What I Learnt From Gabrielle Bernstein:

  • We’re all here to make an impact.
  • It’s our duty to put ourselves out there and do what we were put on the earth to do, rather than live our lives in fear.
  • Living in fear keeps us safe but means we’re living small.
  • We should all share our stories
  • Our stories are our gift to the world. (As a modern marketer that’s a concept I’ve had to embrace despite my natural British reservation and corporate background).
  • Tell your story and then build a community around that
  • Recognise it’s not about you, it’s about empowering others to tell their story

Very empowering stuff!

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