What is Aligned Marketing and why is this THE easiest way to get more clients and income? 

So your marketing’s not working despite following all the advice, using the guru’s “proven” templates and doing all the things. Your Social Media’s still quieter than the high street during lockdown. 

What if I told you there’s an easier way. A way that is working with the new order of the world, a new way of doing business, a new way of showing up with your marketing. A way that is fully in integrity with your personality, values and brand. 

It’s called Aligned Marketing and it’s using the power of energetics to supercharge your marketing. 

aligned marketing What is all this talk of energy and energetics? 

Before we jump into the definition of Aligned Marketing* we need to establish some basic energetic principles. 

Firstly, you have to buy into the principle that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience; and therefore capable of tapping into a higher consciousness. Accepting that there is something bigger and more powerful than our limited human brains and experience. 

And you have to buy into the principle that there is more to life than we can see and understand with our physical bodies and minds. 

  • You know those intuitive nudges, and inspired ideas that seem to pop out of no-where? 
  • When amazing coincidences happen, and you experience serendipity? 
  • When that person you were thinking about suddenly gets in touch, after not hearing from them in years. 

That’s energy, and being in alignment. 

Energy is something you feel. Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable, or felt the anger or excitement literally radiating off someone? Without them saying anything. 

That’s energy. 

It’s our sixth sense, alerting us to danger or encouraging us to take that leap of faith. 

aligned marketingThe third key principle is that everything is energy. Every thought, word, object, feeling, is energy. 

If you remember back to physics at school you’ll remember that everything is a vibrating mass of atoms and electrons. Even physical things like the floor, a table, or your hand. 

From a marketing perspective this means that your posts, ads and words are energy too. You don’t realise it consciously, but subconsciously everything you write, create and post has a certain energy to it too. 

If you feel any doubt, fear or lack of confidence when you show up on Social Media that feeling (energy) is picked up by your audience. You could be repelling clients without even realising it! 

Marketing in Flow 

Equally, when you’re in “flow”, that lovely feeling of being in alignment, when things are easy and fun and flowing, you are highly magnetic and attractive to potential clients. You can almost write anything and the clients will come flocking. 

Because when you’re in flow, you’re operating at a higher level of consciousness, and your clients want that energy. People are buying YOU, not your program. 

That’s why using templates, blueprints and scripts doesn’t work. Because you’re trying to align with someone else’s formula for success. Which means it’s not aligned for you. 

So before you start promoting and launching your brilliant programs on Social Media you need to get into alignment, with YOU.  

What is Aligned Marketing* and how can it help you land more clients and business? 

Aligned Marketing is about being in alignment with your purpose, your soul mate clients and your integrity. 

[1] Firstly, you must trust that YOU are the only YOU, and even if there are hundreds of business coaches/ marketers / graphic designers / (insert your own niche here) only YOU have your unique experience and expertise, and only you can do what you do in the way you do it. 

[2] Secondly, you have to be super clear on WHO you want to serve. That means knowing which clients you like working with, who you can help get the best results for, and where they are on their journey. You must understand at a deep level what they need to have in place, and how they need to be positioned, in order to get the best results from your services or programs. 

[3] Thirdly, you have to put your blinkers on and not worry about what anyone else is doing. Ignore traditional thinking in your niche, what the gurus say, or comparing yourself to others. This is really hard (speaking from experience!) but is key because when we look at what we think we “should” do, or what others are doing, it raises all sorts of doubts and fears. Those fears and doubts push you out of alignment. So, as hard as it can be, stay in your lane! 

You can have the most amazing idea but talk yourself out of it (again, I can relate!). 

How to get into alignment

aligned marketingGetting into alignment means getting into flow. So you are totally in integrity with your values, and aligned with your purpose. 

The simplest way to KNOW if you’re in alignment is to focus on how you FEEL. Energy is reflected in our feelings so we have an inbuilt guidance system for knowing when we’re on track, and when we’re off. 

Another way is by getting familiar with your Human Design. This is literally a blueprint for your energy and how you show up in life, and once you have your chart you can see how to get into alignment (and what being out of alignment feels like. For example, I’m a Manifesting Generator and my “out of alignment” feeling is frustration). 

When you’re in alignment you have a deep sense of knowing that you’re on the right path, because you feel good. That’s assuming you can quieten your ego and your mind chatter! I find meditation first thing in the morning really helpful for staying aligned. 

When you’re in alignment, you’re in flow and marketing becomes easy, and fun. You feel excited, energised, “Buzzing” as one of my Aligned Marketing* clients said recently. That same offer you put out last month that didn’t get much traction is now selling like hot cakes, and you can’t process the orders fast enough. 

What’s the difference? Your energy!

Your energy is now aligned with your purpose (inner work) and soulmate clients (external). Everything is working in harmony. And it feels GOOD! 

You get messages and enquiries coming in from all sides, engagement on your posts, recommendations from happy customers. It’s all flowing to you because your clients are responding to your energy. 

Energetic Marketing and Alignment 

This is what #energeticmarketing is all about – aligning with your purpose, your soul mate clients and your integrity…and seeing the clients, inspired ideas and money flow in.

How does Aligned Marketing create tangible benefits? 

Here’s just a few examples of how this translates into tangible results (from some of my Aligned Marketing* Mentorship clients). My students have seen a huge jump in the number of enquiries they receive, new clients, hopping promotions, new opportunities opening up, and situations resolving themselves in their favour, despite seemingly impossible odds. 

“£700 in the bank today from a seed of thought Feeling supercharged and aligned

“I’m clearly in alignment or on a higher level. My promotion is flying”

“Totally buzzing” 

The next round of Aligned Marketing* Mentorship starts in May. Contact me if you’d like to be on the wait list