// What is an Empowered Entrepreneur? //
As someone with a “strategy brain” I always thought success was about having a STRATEGY. Don’t get me wrong, strategy is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.
The analogy that springs to mind is planning a road trip to the other side of the world.
As you know, if you’ve ever seen Top Gear (or taken a long road trip), it’s not just a matter of jumping in the car and off you go!
Let’s look at what you need –
A plan (strategy – or in this case a map).
You need to know WHERE you’re going so you can program the sat nav.
You also need to think about WHAT you might need, such as which vehicle to travel in, food and other supplies, passports, visas, snow chains!?
Now you’re getting excited about your trip but that’s only the first step.
Your strategy won’t get you to your destination.
2. You also need Knowledge – the know how to drive, which fuel to fill the car up with, how to program the sat nav, which side of the road to drive on – it can all feel overwhelming.
And imagine driving across Europe after Brexit when all the rules are changing on a daily basis (just like Social Media!)
But even with a Strategy and the right Knowledge you won’t reach your destination without…
3. The COMMITMENT to keep showing up and making progress towards your destination (which comes from your “WHY” – the reason you’re making the journey in the first place), and the RESILIENCE to deal with the unexpected – roadworks, flat tyres, pot holes, ferry strikes, traffic jams, or bears in the picnic area!
It’s #3 that separates the girls from the women!
Without #3 you’ll give up before you get to your destination because you feel scared, or don’t trust yourself, or you’ll procrastinate or sabotage yourself before you even get started.
As entrepreneurs we know the journey can be an emotional roller coaster, full of highs, but sometimes fraught with lows.
💥 Being an Empowered Entrepreneur means you roll with the punches because YOU are in control.
💥You align with your purpose and you adapt as you go.
💥 Things might change and goalposts might move, but you course correct because you trust your judgement.
Now you’re not at the mercy of the government, the virus, the weather, the many changing faces of Social Media.
💥 You’re empowered! 💥
As a woman, mother, sister, friend, partner, and business owner.
Being an EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEUR means you’ve got
🗺 A MAP to grow your business online
🧲 The MAGNETISM to attract your soul mate clients.
🧠 Unstoppable confidence because you’ve got The MINDSET and TOOLS to show up consistently, trust yourself, express your truth, CONNECT deeply with your soul mate clients, and cope with whatever roadblocks the Universe throws at you.
When you’re empowered you naturally align with your soul mate clients, your mission in life and your natural gifts.
🌟 Which creates unstoppable confidence and fun and joy.
🌟 Marketing becomes easier.
🌟 Showing up consistently is easy, not a chore
🌟 Creating content becomes a natural way to connect with your audience (instead of a chore, it just flows and people love it)
You don’t feel overwhelmed because you know WHAT to DO, you FOCUS on what works, and you TRUST yourself because you’re following INSPIRED ACTION.
Goodbye “overwhelm and guessing”, Hello “Strategically positioned for success” – to quote one of my amazing clients.
Which would you rather be!? 🔥🔥🔥💥