wire yourself for wealthI’m reading a great book at the moment called “Wire Yourself For Wealth” by Laura Leigh Clarke. One of the central themes of the book is that to be truly wealthy, happy and fulfilled we must work in our “flow”.

What is “flow”?

“Flow” is when we’re in line with our natural passion and talents and success seems effortless and “right”. When you’re in flow you can work all day and all night and enjoy what you’re doing so much it doesn’t even feel like work. Being in flow is very energising and motivating.

So What? 

Working in your flow will make you wealthy. Simple as!

How do you get in your “flow”?

That’s easy if you know which wealth dynamics or “entrepreneurial” profile you are. I first did my Wealth Dynamics Profile in November 2011. While it made fascinating reading I didn’t fully grasp the power of this incredible tool or how to use it to create wealth. Until now.

Prompted by Laura’s book I revisited my Wealth Dynamics profile and it made much more sense. I’m a “Creator” profile and Creators bring  value through creativity and using that creativity to innovate products and services, and then leveraging that to build businesses and profits.


wealth dynamicsWhich Of The 8 Entrepreneurial Profiles Are You? 

There are 8 Entrepreneurial profiles, each with distinct wealth creating traits.

Find Out More – And How You Can Take The Wealth Dynamics Test 

1. Creator (think Richard Branson, Steve Jobs). Artist, Ideas person, Resourcer

2. Star (think Lady Ga Ga, Angeline Jolie, Tony Robbins). Presenter, Media personality, actor

3. Supporter (think Meg Whitman, Jack Welch). Networker. Connector.

4. Deal Maker (think Donald Trumpm Rupert Murdoch). Match maker, negotiator, mediator.

5. Trader (think George Soros, Nelson Mandela). Doer, implementer, server, humanitarian.

6. Accumulator (think Warren Buffet). Collector, gatherer, hoarder.

7. Lord (think Andrew Carnegiem Sergey Brin). Researcher, Analyst, Maven

8. Mechanic (think Sam Walton, Ray Croc, Michael Dell). Engineer, tinkerer, improver.


wealth dynamics sampleHow Do You Use Your Wealth Profile To Create Wealth?

Understanding your profile has two distinct but very powerful benefits:

Firstly, you can learn more about yourself and how to harness your natural talents to work in your flow. Once you get into your flow, opportunities and success comes much more easily. If you’ve been struggling, or working hard but feeling you’re not getting anywhere it’s probably because you’re not in your flow, or you’re trying to work in an area that doesn’t match your natural abilities.

Being in flow feels like you’re flowing with the tide. Being out of flow feels like trying to push water uphill (I’m sure you can relate, I certainly can!)

Secondly, once you understand how to position yourself in your flow you can find the right people to work with. We are all a blend of more than one entrepreneurial profile but we have one primary profile that dominates.

The key to wealth is to work to your natural strengths and find people to work with who compliment you. For example, I’m a creator so get my kicks creating things and coming up with ideas. My problem is having too many ideas and I don’t mind admitting that I’m not great at seeing things through because admin and details bore me. So, I need to work with complimentary profiles, like supporters, who are very good at following through and enjoy all the nitty gritty.

Finding Mr or Mrs Right

Be aware that we’re often attracted to working with similar profiles but this may be a recipe for disaster. I love working with other Creators because they’re exciting and dynamic and we spark off each other. But it’s not a good recipe for long-term, sustainable success when you’ve got two people constantly coming up with new ideas and no-one putting the systems in place to deliver the service and keep the customers happy!

To create wealth, your ideal business partner or team member isn’t someone “like you”. It’s someone who compliments you and has strengths that compensate for your weaknesses.

There are eight ways to create wealthWhich one is right for you?

It only takes 20 minutes and is a really worthwhile investment if you want to create more wealth and get in your flow.


“People don’t want to do business with people who seem to be unfocused and average at many things – they want to work with people who are brilliant at their chosen craft. Wealth Dynamics helps you to get that focus and better, yet it helps you to choose the thing that you are naturally more likely to succeed at … and enjoy!” Roger Hamilton, Founder of Wealth Dynamics


Which what sort of entrepreneur are you? And How can you leverage that to build your business? Let me know on the MMSpark Facebook page