Stuck for what to say on social media? *UPDATED JULY 2020*

Staring at a blank piece of paper as you plan your posts can be very daunting (I know, I’ve been there!). But once you get started the momentum builds and you’ll find the content and conversation start happening naturally. So, here are 15 ways to get the conversation started:

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15 Ways to start the conversation on Social Media


Keep in mind as you plan your posts that the goal of your content on social media is to get people interacting and start conversations.

1. Fun Stuff!

Most people are on social media for a bit of light relief and we all love a funny quote or picture. Whether you like it or not fun stuff gets good engagement and is a great way to start off your page. Make the fun stuff relevant to your business, or something topical, seasonal, a major sporting event or trending news and use popular hashtags and you’ll draw new visitors to your page.

Here are a recent example of something tongue in cheek that created a lot of engagement.

2. Third party links

You don’t have to write all your posts or create content from scratch every time. Quite often there is really good content being shared on social media which your fans will appreciate seeing. Make sure you LIKE the pages you follow and you’ll receive updates from those pages in your newsfeed. My favourite pages to follow are those of influencers in my niche. As you learn from them you can share their great content and ideas with your followers. It’s a win win!

You’ll get brownie points for sharing and like’ing their content, so you’ll get noticed by the people you’re aspiring to be like. Plus, you’re providing great content to your fans without having to create anything

start the conversation on social media


3. Status updates

Despite all the wonderful scheduling and automation tools for social media (which I couldn’t live without!) there’s no substitution for being present and making an appearance. It’s important to spend time on your business pages regularly and consistently and this is when you’ll post a status update.

Let your fans see behind the scenes, maybe talk about a new program or event you’re working on, or a new tool you’re using to run your business. Or chat about a workshop you’ve been to, a new tip you’ve learnt or just share how you’re feeling.

Status updates show that you’re human, you’re present, and you care enough to turn up! It sounds simple but it does take commitment.


4. Photos

Images work well on social media so use as many as you can. Video still trumps image

Top Tip: Take a screenshot of your new blog post and post this as an image on Facebook, Instagram and on your stories.

Notice in the examples below how the images work well with text incorporated into them. This is a great strategy for sharing your blog posts, tips etc. Images show up larger in your fans’ newsfeed and are very eye-catching, and more likely to be LIKE’d, commented on and shared.

social media mentor

Or snap a quick selfie!

case study modern marketing spark

5. Video

Videos are the hottest asset on Social Media these days (as of writing July 2020). Your fans can see and play videos from within their newsfeeds. Videos are a great way to showcase your personality and your energy, and get your message across quickly. You can also promote events, webinars and special offers. Remember less is more and keep it short and sweet (1-2 minutes is perfect).

BONUS TIP: Show behind the scenes for extra fun and engaging content
social media video

Client meeting in a local cafe with our sleeves rolled up and working hard but having fun – this is how I roll!

6. Infographics

You’ve probably seen infographics, even if you’re not sure what they are! They’re a pictorial way of showing a large amount of information, such as 10 Tips to…or sharing the results of an industry survey. I think infographics are a bit overused now but they’re popular and visually appealing so still worth using. If you don’t fancy creating your own find some good ones in  your niche and share them.

modern marketing spark clients


7. Tips and News

I love short tips and tricks on social media and they’re easy to compile from your blog posts and updates. Pick one tip and post it on your page, ideally as an image or in a short video. Here are a couple of examples. News can be industry news, “hot news” trending on social media, or as in James Wedmore’s example here, news from a member sharing their success story.

Getting your fans and followers to share their stories –  spotlighting their achievements and success stories – is very powerful as they’ll share with their contacts. Also consider including case studies and real stories to bring your page to life and make it very human and personal.

mmspark testimonial



8. Boosts and fun stuff

If you want to give the algorithm a boost and get more organic reach for your posts, you can take part in a Boost or comment thread.

I run an Instagram boost every month in my Social Media Success group – it’s always great fun and gives a big boost in engagement and visibility. It’s free to take part so come and join us for the next one (check the Events tab in the group for details)


Fun stuff…

15 ways to start the conversation on social media

9. Promotion

Contrary to much of the advice on social media it IS ok to promote your products, services and events. Just don’t do it constantly or you’ll turn your fans off. Mix your promotions up with a liberal dose of good quality content and your fans will still love and rave about you.

10. Social Proof

Clients raving about you?

Positive comments on your posts?

Screenshot ’em and share (and reshare) on your Social Media. This is powerful stuff!

11. Conversation

This might sound obvious, but along with #3 (status updates) above it’s important not only to be present on social media but to have conversations. If people are taking the time to visit your page and leave messages, make sure you reply quickly. Within 24 hours is expected, but the sooner the better. Use mobile apps to get notifications when someone leaves you a message, and make sure you reply within a few hours.


Always popular – you can use sites like ecards or inspirational wisdom to find a lifetime’s supply of motivational, inspirational quotes. Or make your own. I keep a swipe file of quotes and tips I come across in magazines, articles or books and often share these on social media (so you’re not just churning out the same old things as everyone else!).

BONUS TIP: Create branded memes using Canva









13. Questions

Questions are one of the best ways to get engagement on your pages. Best are questions that require one word answers so people can respond quickly. Or ask questions and ask people to LIKE your page if they agree. There are some other ideas in the examples below….and don’t forget you can mix and match these 15 ideas. For example, you could ask a question as an introduction to your latest blog post.

14. Caption Contests

This comes under fun, relevant and engaging! Share a great picture and ask your fans to caption it. Or share a “fill in the blanks” style meme.

15. Contests

Last but not least, everyone loves to win things so consider a contest. If you’re running a contest on Facebook there are guidelines to be aware of so read up on the Terms and Conditions before launching.

Top Tip: Make the prize relevant to your business or you’ll get lots of engagement – from freebie seekers who will never become your customer. Remember you want to attract your ideal client, not random strangers who just want your free stuff!


I hope you’ve found some ideas and inspiration here to get you started on social media. These ideas work equally well on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but the secret is to test the ideas with your audience and see what works.

Make sure, whatever you’re posting that you include a Call To Action. Ask your fans to LIKE, share, comment, and get involved. And then turn up and respond!

How do you get the conversation started on social media? Share your tips in the comments.