Why Embodiment is so important
I had a HUGE lesson in embodiment last night. 🤦‍♀️
I was tossing and turning, unable to sleep or switch my brain off. Stressing about things that have been stuck, with seemingly no end in sight.
And then it struck me! 🤯
I wasn’t practising what I’d been teaching! 🤯
When you need to practice what you preach!
Why Embodiment is so importantYesterday evening I’d hosted a highly successful session on “mastering the journey to mastery”. About how we grow through shifting our identity, raising our consciousness, and working in the higher energies – including the FLOW STATE. 🔥
And there I was stressing. Completely disconnected, and stuck in my head. 😵‍💫
The key to raising consciousness
Until I remembered a fundamental truth. 🤯
That to get from TO ME (victim) and BY ME (“trying to make things happen” mode) into the empowering FLOW mode, we need to let go of the need for control.
By trusting that there is something bigger than us (the Universe, Quantum Field, God), we can tap into limitless creativity, intuition and solutions. 💫
When you’re out of Alignment 
I was stuck in BY ME, trying to come up with answers in my head (which was going crazy in high beta “stress” mode).
How to quiet your mind and tap into creativity, inspiration and solutions
So I quieted my mind using a powerful mantra: ✨“I let things be as they’re meant to be.” ✨
This helped me to lean back into trust that things are unfolding as they should be. It took some time, but it worked.
When you surrender 
Through this releasing, I could literally feel the adrenalin and stress ebbing away. A feeling of peace and calm returned. And sleep! 😴
The answers haven’t popped up yet but I KNOW things are shifting – without me having to DO anything. 😍
Shifting your Identity
The SHIFT is in the BEING. Who I AM. Who you ARE. 👑
So, if you feel stuck, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, try this process for yourself. It’s powerful and transformative. 🌈
By embodying these concepts I am well placed to understand and support my clients on their journeys.  I also use a handy toolkit of powerful energy tools that I’ve learnt along the way, 💫
So if you could use my help with your own personal breakthrough, ask me about my Energy Breakthrough Coaching. 🔥🔥🔥
Maybe you’re ready to work in the FLOW STATE to ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS AND CASHFLOW? I’m ready, are you!? ❤