Why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy…

Did you know 50% of businesses are using Digital marketing methods (Social Media, emails, website, search) WITHOUT a Digital marketing strategy!!

Without a clear strategy you haven’t got a clear roadmap for making decisions, or knowing what the next step is, which leads to feeling confused and overwhelmed. Because how do you know where to focus without a plan? And how do you know what’s working, or where to focus your efforts?

It’s also much harder to position yourself online – and to differentiate yourself from all the other similar companies and brands.

>> Watch the video for 10 reasons why that’s a bad idea and what to do about it!

Would you like my help? STRATEGY and creating your Pathway to Profit is the first thing we cover in the Social Media Accelerator (my group coaching program). You’ll learn how to:

:: Create a powerful ONLINE BRAND that makes selling YOU easy
:: Build an ENGAGED COMMUNITY of followers who know, like and trust you (and rave about you)
:: Use the CLIENT ATTRACTION BLUEPRINT to generate a pipeline of potential clients

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