Need help getting Clients and Sales from Social Media?

Here’s how we can work together…

1-2-1 Intuitive Marketing Mentoring & Business Coaching


We work together to help you achieve your business and marketing goals, such as to:

  • Attract new clients on Social Media  
  • Create a simple plan to get yourself “out there” on Social Media 
  • Build your confidence so you show up with more impact.  

Full Details and Client Success Stories

30 Day "More Clients" Marketing Intensive


I run a 30 day intensive to help purpose-driven business owners, like you, to focus in on ONE area of Marketing that needs attention, such as :

  • Attracting new clients on Social Media  
  • Creating a simple plan to get yourself “out there” on Social Media 
  • Building your confidence so you show up with more impact.  

Full Details and Client Success Stories

Aligned Marketing*

My popular signature program that aligns you with your soul mate clients, and teaches you to market in flow so you easily attract new clients and sales

  • Attract soul mate clients with integrity and authenticity
  • Learn how to market to your natural strengths
  • Harness the power of Energetics in your Marketing
  • Become magnetic to your ideal clients 
  • Weekly live calls


What they say…

After just one session with Cassie, her amazing social media marketing skills changed my total outlook on my own marketing and made me realize where I needed to grow in knowledge and understanding to get my message across. In this initial session, Cassie gave me the tools to write a new LinkedIn profile which now gets me noticed when I was not being seen before and now I stand out as an authority in my niche. I highly recommend Cassie for all your social media marketing and more……

Thank you Cassie

Debbie Debonaire

Freedom To Be Me

I’m thrilled. I’m so enjoying my social media now I’ve got that energetic feeling around it and now I’m getting better with the right language

I’m getting fabulous results I

picked up a new client yesterday too who has committed to six sessions with me

Thank you it’s all down to your training so I owe you a massive thank you

Sally Edwards

Warrior On Wheels

We go from strength to strength, building our business on so many levels. Thank you Cassie Hicks for putting us on the pathway to success. 

Kirstin Hancock

Blue Maestro

I just participated in Cassie’s “Get More Clients from Social Media” Workshop last week. Going into the event, I was overwhelmed and stuck about how to leverage the power of social media to build my business. 

Since attending, I have been able to create focused, strategic content that is converting strangers into facebook group members and even paying customers! Thank you, Cassie!

Anne-Lise Jasinski

The Untherapist

Wow! What an amazing day. Cassie provides great personal content along with her amazing energy. She ensures everyone in the group engages to get the best possible results for everyone.  

Paula Turk

Stroud Solutions

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