Working with Crystals for Abundance and Healing
What an inspiring and insightful session we had recently with Crystal Healer (amongst other things) Felicia Banks. With Felicia’s help I’ve:

And much more, because working with crystals gives you the tools and insights to navigate any circumstance you find yourself in. They can help you make decisions, get into alignment, heal yourself from trauma and even past life events, for example, the witch wound. Working with crystals is like having a trusted and friendly advisor, literally in your pocket (or in your bra as some people do!)

Felicia introduced us to the world of crystals, and how to work with them for guidance, support and healing. She also showed us how to use crystals as a pendulum, and shared some of the amazing properties of some her favourites.

She then answered all our questions on how to CARE FOR crystals, work with them, choose the right ones for our healing and growth, and how to work with them in nature too.

Want to see how I use crystals to clear my energy? Watch my reel here

You can connect directly with Felicia here

Do you love crystals? Which are your favourites?  Are you working with Crystals for Abundance and Healing?