The energy of the moon is powerful.
How can we, as spiritual beings, work with the energy of the moon? It’s actually more simple than you may realise and can hugely increase your manifesting and magnetic powers.
The New moon 🌕  is a great time to start new projects, make plans, try new things 🌝🌙
It’s a more introspective time and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future.
FULL MOONenergy of the moon
In contrast, the FULL MOON is when we release, forgive and let go of the things which are no longer serving us. This is a vital process in manifestation because it creates space for fresh ideas, people and experiences to come into our lives and releases any wasted energy we’ve been holding on to. The waning moon phases are governed by yin energy which means it’s time to rest, recover and reflect.”
The full moon is a great time for clearing old energy, and setting INTENTIONS.
Full moon energy can be honoured the day before, the day of, and the day after the actual full moon.
What exciting things do you want to manifest this month?
If you want to explore this further, I love this article from GOOP on Aligning with the four phases of the moon. 

The author, intuitive, Aarona Lea says,”Working with the moon gives us an opportunity to regularly check in with ourselves, validate our insights, set new intentions, and plan next steps with greater ease. Use each phase of the moon to develop more of what you need: self-care, productivity, outward connection, or inward contemplation”.