I was talking to a client yesterday who has pivoted her business online – way out of her comfort zone but it’s do or die at the moment, right?

She decided to offer her classes for free because “that’s what everyone else is doing”


Don’t do that.

Just because you’ve gone online, instead of seeing clients in person DOES NOT remove the value of what you offer.

YOU have invested years of training, learning into honing your craft

YOU are helping people get things they want and need

YOU have NOT lost your value just because you’re online now

YOU are still providing a valuable service and meeting your clients’ needs

YOU are spending precious time running your classes and delivering your services

There are a few options here (and pleased to say my client is now charging, and feeling good about it)

A. Offer your first online session for free (and promote the hell out of it as a “taster” session – so you grow your audience), then charge from session 2

B. Package up your sessions so you’re charging the same but adding “more” value (if you feel called to do so)

C. Own your value, charge the same and accept that THIS (online) is the way it is at the moment! Remember, you are not worth less because you’re online.

–> How do you feel about pivoting your business online and charging for virtual services? <–

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